To keep in mind (for the tenant)

The housing market in Stockholm is difficult, and the lack of both student housing and other housing options can make the whole process very challenging. Subletting could then be an option.

When an apartment or a room is rented through a sublease, there should be a written contract between both parties. According to Swedish law there must also be an approval from the advertiser's landlord or housing cooperative.

Please note that you need to get your own home insurance if you are living with someone.

To avoid being a victim of fraud, we have a checklist that should always be followed:

  1. Always see the accommodation in person before agreeing to sublet. 
  2. Do not pay any money before you have seen the room and signed a contract or have received a key.
  3. Before moving in, discuss house rules, for example access to common areas.
  4. Make sure you always get a receipt for rent paid in.
  5. Check to see that the advertiser has approval to sublet (from their landlord or housing cooperative).
  6. Get home insurance. 

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