Terms of advertising

Terms of advertising - Rents


We at Akademisk kvart are actively working with regulating rent according to what is reasonable for our focus group, what they have the possibility to pay. Therefore we have guidelines on what is consideres a reasonable rent.  


Keep in mind that it is not allowed to request household services or childcare against reduced rent.

Students have a limited economy and any deposit may not exceed a monthly rent.

In the rent we expect that heating, electricity and water are included.


A room, inherent: 4 600 SEK per month

Small apartment, 1 room (20 square meters):  5 800 SEK per month

Apartment, 1 room  (30 square meters):  7 000 SEK per month

Apartment, 2 rooms: 9 300 SEK per month

Apartment, 3 rooms: 13 900 SEK per month



Terms of advertising - Rules and Responsibilities

 The advertiser agrees that the ad manually reviewed before it is published. This is done preliminarily on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Akademisk kvart reserves the right to refuse publication where there is suspicion of fraud, if the ad has inappropriate content or advertisement contains terms or rents that do not comply with the Akademisk kvarts target groups economic conditions.

Akademisk kvart reserves the right not to publish ads targeted to persons other than students.

Akademisk kvart is not responsible that the information exchanged between advertisers and stakeholder is correct. Academic quarter is not responsible for contracts and agreements between landlord and tenant.

 By placing an advert the advertiser approve that Akademisk kvart can store the advertiser's personal information, in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998: 204). As an advertiser, you agree that all information you entered is saved in the database. This information will not be distributed to any third party without your consent. Exceptions to this rule applies if the advertiser violated applicable law and Akademisk kvart will be required to provide relevant information during legal compulsion. Advertisers give permission for Akademisk kvart to keep records of ads.


By accepting the User Agreement go advertiser with that his ad be indexed by search engines on the Internet.

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